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  1. Maintenance of silence in Library is the moral responsibility of everyone.
  2. Any type of tempering with books, magazines and newspapers of Library is a  punishable act.
  3. Every student holds the responsibility of safety/ security/ purity of books issued in Library. At the time of issue any discrepancy in book be brought into the notice of Librarian.
  4. The student has to bear the responsibility of compensation if the book or any other material of Library is damaged by her.
  5. Students should submit the demand slip to issue necessary book to Librarian before one day.
  6. The student has to pay Rs.1 per day as fine for late return of book in the Library.
  7. A written complaint to librarian is essential in case a student has lost her Library card & also she takes the responsibility of misuse of the lost card.
  8. Reading of newspapers, magazines and reference books is allowed only in Library.
  9. During examinations the students can retain the books only after depositing the prescribed security deposit which is refundable when the books are returned.  Students who do not return the book by the due date will be fined with Rs. 1 everyday.