The College enjoys the possession of an ultra modern designed hostel exclusively for the girls equipped with all modern amenities and provides a home-away-from-home environment, assisting in the education and social development of all boarders.

The overarching aim of the hostel is to provide a safe, secure, warm and caring environment in which the girls will grow and develop academically, socially and morally with firm guidelines of the hostel. The communal nature of boarding life necessitates the establishment of certain rules and procedures to ensure the provision of the best care possible for girls in our charge and smooth operation of the household.

The hostel authorities instead of being stereotypical & watchful eyes, train and help the girls grow more independent and stronger during their stay. Hostel authorities live on the premises and maintain close links with parents.

In hostel food quality is closely monitored and best quality farm fresh vegetables are being served to the boarders. For safety and security best modern technology CCTV cameras have been installed with other modes of security checks. We provide 24 hours power supply to our hostel. Purified drinking water with water cooler is also provided. All the rooms have attached bathrooms to them with hot and cold water supply. All the rooms have been provided with the facility of coolers. Facility of T.V. and DVD Player is also provided in the hostel.

The hostel authorities and current boarders look forward to welcoming new boarders and their families into our community. We are confident you will find the association rewarding and enjoyable experience.

The department of Physical Education is one of the most vibrant department of the College. The College provides 6 acres of play ground for sports. Both indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available in the College. Motive of Physical Education Department is to strive for excellence and achieve great players/haulers for our College.

The College has several Laboratories- Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Zoology Lab, Botany Lab, Geography Lab and Computer Labs which are fully equipped having all facilities and equipments with the latest technology. In the computer lab all the computers are networked and connected through internet. The College has its own botanical garden.

Botany Lab

Chemistry Lab

Computer Lab

Geography Lab

Physics Lab

Zoology Lab

As says, “Library is the central part of College.” In the way our College enjoys the possession of well equipped library with a stock of more than 4000 titles and reference books. It has a spacious reading room. The library is enhanced with National and International journals also. Besides this the National and Regional dailies are also received on daily basis.

Department of Youth Welfare and Cultural affairs provides a platform to the students to inculcate and groom their talent and leadership qualities. It is pertinent to note here that the students of the College won Ist position in Rituals, IInd in Mimicry in Zonal Youth Festival 2016 of Karnal Zone. And also Ist position in Rituals in Ratnawali in 2016 and Inter Zonal Youth & Cultural affairs Kurukshetra University in 2016. In 2017 Youth Festival of Karnal Zone of Kurukshetra University our students won IInd position in Rituals.

National Service Scheme (N.S.S):
The N.S.S units are working efficiently in the College. The cardinal principle of the N.S.S program is that it is organized by the students themselves and both students and teachers through their combined participation in community service get a sense of involvement in the task of Nation building. Our College also organized Blood Donation camp during N.S.S camp. At the time of N.S.S Camp College also organizes seminar on the issue of feminism and its importance in society.

Power Backup:
In addition to power supply by UHBVN, our College has provided 24 hours power backup in campus including girls hostel. Our College also provided the facility of generator.

Health Care Facilities:
The College has fully equipped medical room for the First Aid and minor medical services. Besides, College also organizes medical camp for regular checkup and treatment of students.

Women Cell:
There is a fully functional Women Cell in the College. It aims to empower women in their struggle for equality and effective presence in society. This cell organizes various debate and discussions to make students aware of women’s rights and responsibilities and also on pertinent issues.

Canteen and Book Store:
The College has well maintained canteen and well stocked Book Store, in the campus which provides daily necessities to the students in a hygienic environment.

College Uniform:
Our College has a prescribed uniform for all students which is compulsory for every student in campus. By the uniform of an organization remains a sense of commonality which develops amongst the students. Uniforms brings everyone to the same platform inculcates a feeling of equality side by side it is important to foster the traits which are very necessary for a student.

Academic Achievement:
Our College has a record of best academic results in Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in all streams that is a matter of pride for Management, College, Students, Parents and for the area. Our College always tries to improve students’ grades which will be beneficial for their future academics. Success is important because it is strongly linked to the positive outcomes which are associated with society.

Eco friendly Environment:
The College has the pride to have the most green campus with diverse varieties of plants, flowers and a number of green laws our College is committed for providing a healthy and safe environment for students and visitors to our campus. Students are adequately trained with latest technology of safe and hygienic environment.

Our College provides the best infrastructure facilities to the students. The College has one of the best Library with a large stock of books, titles and reference books. It is wholly staff contained campus comprising of everything which the students on campus would ever require. The equipments like Audio-Visual facilities, Seminar Hall, Canteen, Power Backup, Health Care facilities, Sports facilities, Career guidance and Placement Cell, National Service Scheme, every class room with projector are the best part of our infrastructure.

Our College always has organized strong and vibrant programmers’ for inculcating the spirit of discipline and patriotism among student. Discipline is necessary in all spheres of life. In addition to this N.S.S. in our College services to develop the character development of the student.