Admissions are offered in Classes VII – XII only, subject to the availability of seats. The lower age limit for admission in the School is 12 years on 1st April of the year of joining the School in Class VII. Similarly, correlation of age and class to which admission is sought is an essential requirement.
In Class XI, admission is on the basis of Board Examination results and an Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment to be held in the 1st week of June and subsequent qualification on the Merit List. The school allows students to take subjects across the three streams: Humanities, Commerce and Science.


An application for registration is the first stage of the admissions process. A registration fee of Rs 1000 along with the registration form must be deposited in the school office so that the girls’ name may be registered for the year and class for which admission is sought. The fee is non- refundable but adjustable and it is valid only for the specified academic year. Registration of a girl is not a guarantee of her admission. Schedule of Registration is as follows:-

  • For classes VII to X
  • Registration for admission starts from first Monday of February for the coming academic session.
  • For classes XI
  • Registration for admission starts from first Monday of April for the coming academic session.

Note: Registration forms will be available between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from school office on all working days.


  • One recent passport size photograph of the girl has to be attached.
  • The completed Registration form must be submitted along with an attested photocopy of the student’s Birth Certificate, Passport, Aadhaar Card and the Registration Fee.
  • The Birth Certificate should be issued by the Registrar of Births and Deaths of the area in which the girl was born. Affidavits, certificates from the hospital, or certificates from any other person are not accepted


The following documents are required as a part of the Admissions procedure for every student applying for admission:

  1.  Original Birth Certificate
    The original birth certificate must be brought to the School at the time of admission. This is returned after verification. Misrepresentation or falsification of date of birth will result in cancellation of admission forthwith.
  2. Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate
    A valid Transfer Certificate from the School last attended, issued by the Principal immediately prior to the girl joining Metis Girls’ School as well as a Character Certificate are essential requirements and must be submitted on the day that the child joins School. In addition, the student is required to present the last Report Card indicating promotion to the next class, as well as proof of attendance for the previous year. Until the Transfer Certificate and other documents are received by the School, the girl’s admission is considered as provisional.
  3. Medical Certificate
    All new entrants are required to produce a medical certificate certifying that they are free from any contagious or infectious disease and are otherwise physically fit to be admitted to a residential school. The parents must give an undertaking in writing to this effect. If the girl is found medically unfit, the admission stands cancelled and the girl is sent home.
  4. Photographs
    Three recent passport size photographs of the girl and that of the immediate family are required to be submitted by each new student.
  5. Migration Certificate
    This is required for admission to Class XI in the case of students from Boards other than the CBSE.
  6. Aadhaar Card
    A copy of the girl’s and parents/gaurdians valid Aadhaar Card is a mandatory document.


  • An appropriate Late Fee is charged for those who approach the School for registration after the student’s Class X Board Examination results have been declared.
  • Attested copies of the Class X Board results and a Character Certificate from the Principal of the applicant’s present school should be sent as soon as the Board results are declared.
  • The original Mark Sheet and Character Certificate may please be brought to the School at the time of admission; these are returned after verification.
  • Students are shortlisted on the basis of their results in the Class X Board Examinations. Shortlisted candidates are required to sit for an Aptitude/Proficiency Assessment in the concerned subjects.
  • The final list of admissions into Class XI is announced by end June.


  • Parents are requested to give as long a notice as possible of intended withdrawal, with a minimum of 3 months, failing which 3 months’ fees are forfeited/charged in lieu of notice. Students who wish to withdraw after writing the CBSE Board Examinations are charged School Fees till end March provided the letter of withdrawal is received by the 1st of January of that year. If the letter of withdrawal is received after 1st January, the student has to pay three months full fees from the date of receipt of application for withdrawal. The decision of the Principal in this respect is not open to questions.
  • Any student wishing to withdraw from Class XI or Class XII after 30th September would be charged Fees for One Full Academic Term that is October to March.

The School fully reserves the right of Admission and its decision in the matter is final and binding cannot be questioned.
The School reserves the right to change its Admissions’ procedure from time to time without notice.