Girls’ Hostel, an artistic and aesthetically designed with modern rooms that are many steps ahead of the best hostels elsewhere with ultramodern facilities, is established in the lap of nature as a home-away-from-home assisting educational and social development of all boarders.
The overarching aim of the hostel with the facilities of neat and clean washroom attached and ventilated rooms, attractive and architecturally well equipped modern mess adding skilled cooks who serve healthy farm fresh hygienic food to the boarders. T.V. room adding DVD player, safe drinking water through RO system installed in hostel, adding hot water during winter in washrooms, is to provide child centered quality education in friendly, safe, warm and caring environment where the girls will grow and develop academically, socially and morally following the guidelines of hostel.
The communal nature of boarding life necessitates the establishment through certain rules and procedures to ensure the best care possible for girls in our charge and smooth conduction of the household. The stereotypical watchful and trained experienced hostel authorities help the girls to grow and develop strongly and independently during their stay. Residential authorities maintain close links with parents.

The food provided to the boarders is farm fresh of good quality and is closely monitored. In the matter of safety and security ultramodern technology is used. The campus is fully CCTV surveillanced. Power and cool water of RO and water cooler supply for 24 hours with the cooler facility in every room for use in summer. The hostel authorities and current boarders look forward to welcome warmly new upcoming boarders with their parents. We are strongly confident that you will find associating, rewarding and enjoyable experience meeting us.



  • Secured and peaceful residential environment.
  • Protection, care and tolerance from others.
  • Freedom from harassment, bullying and victimization from others.
  • Social opportunities.
  • Sporting, physical and cultural opportunities.
  • Voice in how the residential community functions.
  • Communication with parents/guardian.


  • Help to maintain a secure and peaceful residential environment.
  • Respect oneself, the school and others.
  • Be sensitive to the relief and customs of others.
  • Participate in social, sports, outdoor and cultural activities to the best of their ability.
  • Be safe and aware of boundaries and rules at all times.
  • Contribute to community life in as many ways as possible.


Girl students from class VII to XII are eligible for admission. The right of admission to hostel and allotment of rooms is reserved to the school management. Students are not permitted to change the allotted room & are expected to follow the given guidelines:

  1. Obey the instructions given by the authority.
  2. Boarders should behave politely to elders, teachers and warden as well as cultivate the habit of wishing people.
  3. Boarders must immediately respond to every call by the authority.
  4. The School/Hostel authorities will contact student’s parents/guardians only on the contact details submitted in the admission form.
  5. In case of change in parents/guardians residential address and contact details as mentioned in the admission form of School/Hostel they shall intimate the same to the school management within 3 days.
  6. Boarders must not go out of the campus without the escort of the school staff/parents authorized guardian. The inmates of the hostel will not be allowed to go for picnic, outing and excursions on Sundays and other holidays.
  7. After vacation (either long or short) boarders must come back to the hostel on the prescribed date and time only with their parents/guardian.
  8. Boarders must wear School, Hostel & Clan uniform neatly and properly.
  9. Boarders are allowed to wear only hostel uniform in hostel and in the play ground. The same has to been worn for prep classes.
  10. During class hours hostel gate will remain closed & no boarder is allowed to visit the hostel without the written permission of the principal.
  11. Any boarder who damages or destroys the properties of the school/hostel or other inmates will be punished. Deliberately scribbling on walls, pasting stickers on doors & windows, stamping on walls with soiled shoes etc. will lead to fine.
  12. Breaking of window-panes, doors, smashing toilet, water taps, lights, fans switches, mirrors and spoiling of public properties like tables, chairs, beds, curtains etc. are punishable offences. Any damage will have to be compensated by the boarders.
  13. Boarders must put off coolers, lights and fans before they proceed for classes. Carelessness in this regard will lead to fine.
  14. Boarders are not allowed to take any common property of Hostel/School (for eg. Newspaper) to their room at any time.
  15. V. room key, sports materials and other common items will be issued to the boarders only after entering into the lending register and the same should be returned to the warden/person in-charge at the specified time.
  16. Boarders must keep punctuality in every activity and maintain perfect harmony.
  17. Boarders should give active support for the decisions taken by the school/hostel authorities.
  18. Harassing fellow boarders or RAGGING is strictly banned. Any offence in this regard will lead to dismissal from the school.
  19. Boarders should not drive nails, screws etc. into the walls or doors. No repair shall be done by the boarders themselves. They should approach the Warden who will arrange for repairs.
  20. Boarders are not allowed to play any kind of sports in the room and inside the hostel.
  21. All matters relating to differences among boarders and complaints about the hostel servants and any other problem shall be brought to the notice of the Warden, who will take action as may be necessary.
  22. Every boarder shall keep the room allotted to them clean and neat. They should take proper care of the furniture and fixtures handed over to them.
  23. No student in hostel is allowed to any Cash/ATM or Credit Card in their possession and no valuable things should be possessed by them while studying in hostel.
  24. Male visitors are not permitted to visit girls rooms at any time without written permission of Management/Warden. There visiting is only allowed till the school visitor’s room.
  25. The change of school or from boarder will not be entertained in the mid-session.
  26. To save water, taps in washrooms must be closed, whenever they are not in use.
  27. All electrical devices and candles or incense sticks are strictly prohibited.



School meals are carefully supervised by the staff members who look after the mess, and efforts are made to provide a well-balanced diet with a variety of vegetarian dishes. Both Indian and Western food is served. Fresh fruit, vegetables and milk are provided every day, and extra or special food, if approved as necessary by the school doctor, is catered for. Teachers and students eat together at the table and the Mess Committee includes both staff and students.


The girls’ health is supervised by a well-qualified and experienced Doctor. The school has its own infirmary under the charge of a doctor. At the beginning of each term, each child has to undergo a routine medical examination. Ailments are attended to under careful guidance and children are taken to specialists as required.


  • During study hours, all students must devote their time to academic preparation in the study room.
  • Silence is mandatory.
  • The door to the room remains open.
  • Students must work independently unless they are allowed for a group study session with full knowledge of warden.
  • Students assigned to study room must bring all study materials to the designated location.
  • Students may not use this time to sleep or take showers.
  • Throughout study hours, the warden will keep check on the students.
  • Students living in hostel, interested in studying beyond the light-off time should do so in study room only with the written permission of warden under the supervision of warden.
  • On School Days/hours students are not allowed to remain in the hostel without a genuine reason, however, in special cases a student may remain in the hostel if she has the written consent of the competent authority. This privilege can be revoked any time.


  • Laundry is given on the days notified by the competent authority. It will be washed, pressed and returned to the boarders as approved by the hostel council.
  • The boarders must inform the laundry personnel immediately in case of loss or damage.
  • It is necessary for the boarders to follow and respect the regulations.


  • Mess menu will be designed by the hostel management committee. The menu shall be displayed in dining hall.
  • The students should strictly observe the prescribed mess timings. Late food will only be served in exceptional cases, with prior consent of the mess manager.
  • Wastage of food in the mess must be avoided.
  • Mess utensils are not to be taken out of the dining hall.
  • Mess is operated with limited staff and during peak hours, it is observed that it becomes difficult to cater to the demands of all the students dining at a time. The students should, therefore, wait patiently for their turn to be served. Mess manager will take care to serve the students effectively during peak hours.


Students are not allowed to visit home on every weekend or public holidays. Parents/Guardian can meet their ward only on weekends between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Out pass will be provided to students only for holidays of three or more than it except emergency and as per the schedule mentioned in school almanac.