Dear Indians,

I do extend my warm welcome on behalf of the whole fraternity of Rajkul Senior Secondary School Bal Rangran.Well,according to me Education is a broader term encompassing learning,developing,teaching and evoluting.But are we all on the right track of producing the results in the form of law abiding, nature loving and ethical children in the long run?
This is no doubt not a far flung reality which can be reached upon,but a goal which needs to be targeted by every individual (the so called giver and the receiver) linked with the schools and related education.There is a need to drift away from the score and marks system and parents,teachers should have the vast idea of this concept as the draft of new policy of education called NEP 2019 too focus on the skilling, experiment oriented and child center education.
Looking deep into the society still I find the dependence of age old cramming and rote learning methods and the kids pressurised under rhyme culture.For us,this is the need of the hour to think out of the box in order to reduce the unemployment rate,stress and undue pressure on the child. And through this message of mine being the Principal I expect the cooperation,the team spirit and the changed mindsets for the growth of every single child of society thereby contributing into the success of our motherland.So need is to harness the energy of every child of the land towards a positive direction and making them more compassionate,loving,systematic and god fearing.

Lets be together and pledge to perform all our duties well and pray the Almighty for HIS blessings to be showered upon us.